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Volunteer with us!

Have you ever thought that volunteering can make you better?

We believe that volunteering is not unpaid work for someone but rather an investment in both self and community development.

We offer you our online and offline volunteering activities at local and international levels.


While thinking to volunteer or not, just some ideas about why you should join our pool of volunteers:

Develop competencies – first when you volunteer you develop certain skills, gain some new knowledge and change attitude towards the certain subject/topic. This, of course, makes you better then you were before!

Also, we offer recognition to the competencies that you obtain during the volunteering works, via our online badge and certificate system, so that you can reflect then into your CV and increase the employability chances. Details below...

Expanding network – Another benefit of volunteering is gaining new contacts and friends who have the same or similar interest as you do. No contacts and network no success!

Journey and adventure – Volunteering is a fantastic opportunity for crazy stories and funny moments that you create together with your peers while doing useful work!


Self-fulfilment – any work done in success makes you have and proud of you and thus increase the confidence in you and lead to further deeds!


Get our support - we support volunteers to connect to each other, helping in finding financial and other required resources (contacts, promotions, consultations, materials etc).


Eligibility/Profile - although our main target group are young people (13-17, 18-35 age) volunteering opportunity is open for anyone regardless of age and geographical location.

Duration - duration could vary from 1 hour to 10 days, 1 month or even a year, depends on the program, tasks or project. So once you enrol just wait for our notification and decide whether the task is for you or not.

Volunteering typetasks that volunteer is doing in our programs are different, it includes both online and offline, could be clean-up event, translation of any texts, creation of posters or work camp or even volunteering abroad (ESC or other).

Important benefit - by taking part in our volunteering program you will have priority chances to take part in the international youth projects mainly Youth Exchanges and local/national activities.

So still thinking to apply or not?

Enough, here is the link, go and register now! We will contact you in a month time.

Questions? - contact us

Volunteering Recognition Tool

The issue - youth work is mainly based on voluntary work, during the volunteering beside bringing positive changes, first of all, you gain competencies (knowledge, skills, attitude) in a certain field you operate in. Competencies need to be recognised and validated by the official and legit party. Having a validated certificate or badge on any competence will raise the chance of employment as many employers are looking for candidates that have validated competencies. It is very hard to understand what kind of competencies does potential employer has at the 2-5 minute conversation/interview. So having a certificate as proof of your skills, prior to the interview, will increase the probability chances of hiring.

To this end, we developed an online certification and badge reward system for our volunteers to make them easy to access the labour market.


So it is easy, you volunteer with us, either online or offline and get rewarded with appropriate badge and certificate, which you show at your CV for employers. 

The tool was created on the platform and is open online badge system that consists of a set of 10 badges that are considered to be rewarded for the voluntary youth work done at organization Umbrella or other youth organization.

We created a set of 10 badges each one has three levels or stars, once you complete first second one will be accessible for you. Go to the website find out the badge you want to gain and start tasks.


Below you can find tutorial video on how to register and link as well as animation video.

The tool was developed as a result of the international Erasmus + KA2 project and was disseminated during the local action campaign in Georgia. More about the project here

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