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Based on the Win-Win approach, within the scope of its mission Umbrella is cooperating with various stakeholders and organisations that are operating in the youth field.

Below you can find those organisations that we cooperate with.


ProActive Group Georgia is a youth organisation that aims to promote youth activism within Georgia and Europe.

In November 2019 with the goal to create added value, we started cooperation in various aspects of youth fields including mutual campaigns, sharing intellectual resources etc.

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Established in 2002, Tbilisi Open University (TOU) is a highly ranked institution offering bachelors, masters and one step medical programs through its 4 schools and multiple degree courses.

In February 2020 Umbrella has signed a memorandum of mutual cooperation. As a result, a Youth Development Center is established in the university, aiming to empower students of TOU.

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The aim of the Center for Training and Consultancy (CTC) is to support strengthening human and organizational capabilities and potential and promoting good management and administration practices.

In June 2020 CTC has implemented a training course for our Algeti Youth Center members.

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