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What is ESC?

The European Solidarity Corps (ESC) is an initiative of the EU that allows young people, between 18-30 years of age, to have a non-formal learning experience abroad, for a duration between 2 weeks and 12 months. During this period abroad, volunteers have the opportunity to improve and acquire skills for their personal and professional development and also for their social integration. In the end, each volunteer receives a YouthPass certificate confirming participation, skills and description of the project.

All costs related to the volunteering are covered: round-trip travel, board and lodging, language course, health insurance, transport on-site, visa and a so-called “pocket money”. A commitment of 30/35 hours of volunteering work at the host organization per week is expected.

Profile: Being a motivated young person living in Georgia and has not taken part in ESC or EVS projects before, except those who have carried out an ESC/EVS project for no more than 59 days.

Why Umbrella?

We fulfill our commitmentsOur coordinators pursue the volunteer sent/supported via our organization. It includes all three phases (preparation, implementation and home back) of the project, including pre-departure training, supporting with travel arrangements, being in constant contact with a volunteer during and meeting with reintegration and dissemination plan once they back.


Long term cooperation - Once we start cooperation, you will be on our list of partners for other programs like Youth Exchanges and Trainings, etc

Volunteers Bank - We have volunteers bank who are enthusiastic young people willing to bring positive changes, we are pretty sure that the volunteers we sent/support will do his/her best to meet all the expectations.


Quality Label number 2020-1-PL01-ESC52-083028

Our volunteers

Sali Mujiri

Volunteering in Kielce, Poland, 01-10/2021

ESC gives you the opportunity to become a better version of yourself, take part in exciting adventures and get acquainted with the culture of different countries


Volunteering in Baia Mare, Romania, 15/02-08/03/2021

Volunteering is a unique opportunity to change people's lives for the better. This is an opportunity to broaden horizons, visit new places, gain invaluable work experience and meet interesting people.

Elvin Koiushov

Volunteering in Kielce, Poland, 01-10/2021

Sherry Anderson - “Volunteers don't get paid, not because they're worthless, but because they're priceless.” I would add that this great cause is the glue that will bring us together for the good of others

Leyla Esoyan

Volunteering in Baia Mare, Romania, 15/02-08/03/2021

Volunteering is a priceless job. You  help others and learn, explore new cultures, places, make lifelong memories and enjoy the moments in a unique way. 

Shaghik Arzumanyan

Volunteering in Baia Mare, Romania, 15/02-08/03/2021

Volunteering is a school of life. Being a volunteer means to acquire a purpose in life, to give meaning to your life. It’s a world of discovery, a path leading to smiles, fun, joy, it is a way to make friends.


Volunteering in Baia Mare, Romania, 15/02-08/03/2021

Volunteerism is the most selfless acts that we can be involved in. We need more volunteers to carry out their missions and make the biggest difference possible. I took the amazing experience, met wonderful people and found myself in a better way.

Nanaka Saakashvili.jpg

Volunteering in Ostrovice, Poland, 03-09. 2021

Volunteering means intellectual and cultural development, making new friends around the world, and helping people who need our help.


Volunteering in Lodze, Poland 04-12. 2021

Volunteering is about finding myself in a new space and doing kindness for people.


Volunteering in Kielce, Poland, 03-09. 2021

Volunteering is a spectacular chance of gaining knowledge and experience in an informal way, helping us to develop both personal and social skills.


Volunteering in Bucharest, Romania 04-06. 2021

Volunteering is a priceless opportunity for self-development, because by helping other you help yourself and by teaching others you teach yourself


Volunteering in Lodze, Poland 04.2021 - 03.2022

I love , I care , I help and I make a difference

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