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It Is Time to Grow!

The project "It is time to Grow!" was successfully implemented.

The project "It is time to Grow!" is aiming at development of youth centers as a platform for dialogue with local authorities and empowering youth workers operating at youth centers by providing them the instrument Youth Work Portfolio.

First phase of the project consists of the 5 days of residential training course (20-26/09/2020) during which 20 participants from various youth centers operating in Georgia took part in the event.

We had created two video from the residential meeting – video one and two.

It was followed by the follow-up activities taken by the involved organisations and participants.

Project also considers the translation into Georgian, printing and dissemination of Council of Europe’s Youth Work Portfolio. Translated online PDF version here.

Youth Agency of Georgia is supporting the project by printing and disseminating of the Youth Portfolio.

Project is supported by the European Youth Foundation of Council of Europe.

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