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Defend Your Right!

Pilot project on gender rights promotion for youth workers operating in Georgia 9-15 November 2021

We took part in the pilot project on the topic of gender rights was held in Bakuriani, Georgia on 9-15 November 2021.

During the 5 days of training course participants developed the competencies in human rights promotion and developed action plan for the follow-ups.

Our organistions members also developed action plan which conisdered an implemented online campaign on awareness raising on the violation of women rights. Below you can find the content of the campaign we promoted through the social media (Facebook):

  1. General information and story collecting post

  2. Photo story about the economic violence against the young women/girls.

  3. Photo story about the phycological violence against the young women/girls

  4. Photo story about the sexual volence against the young women/girls.

  5. Photo story about the femicid against young women/girls.

The project was supported by the European Youth Foundation of Council of Europe and implemented by Algeti Youth Center.

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