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Belated Friendship

Youth project on integration and peace-building has been carried out in Tsalka municipality

From 28 to 30th of April of 2017, a three days youth project on integration of national minority has been held in Tsalka municipality. 

Youth from two villages - Sakdrioni which is mainly populated by Muslim Georgians (eco migrants) and Armenian village Ayazma took part in the project. 

The project starts with the opening of playground for local youth. Next day Georgians visited the neighbor community and spent the day with their Armenian peers in village Ayazma. They get acquainted with Armenian culture, cuisine and religion. Last day of the project starts with the tree planting procedure. The trees have been planted on the road that connects two villages; participants gave the name – friendship alley. After planting, Armenians as the day before Georgians did, tasted the cuisine of their neighbours and got acquainted with Georgian, culture and Muslim religion. 

Beside cultural exchange component, the training with non-formal education methods on peace building, cultural diversity and leadership have been organized for participants. 

The project has been financed by the Netherlend Embassy in Georgia with the support of Orbeliani-Georgia platform.

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