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Training course on green future has been implemented by YEE at Budapest Youth Center

Umbrella / ამბრელა ☂ representatives — Elena Basanova and Ani Gabedava took part in the Study Session “Fighting for a Sustainable Digital Future: Strengthening Youth Participation in Internet Governance” organized by YEE - Youth and Environment Europe - 🌍 network, which took place in Budapest (Youth Center of Council of Europe), Hungary on 11-16 November, 2019

During the event following topics have been discussed:

  • Human Rights in Digital World,

  • Youth Participation in Decision Making Mechanisms
    “Imagining the Digital Future” and “Impacts of ICTs to the Environment” led by expert Michael J. Oghia

  • “The image as Storytelling” led by expert Dr. Massimiliano Fusari

  • Participation and stakeholders in internet governance processes led by expert Veronica Stefan.

The project was implemented by the YEE with the support of European Youth Foundation of Council of Europe.

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