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Join as a center or club

Don't be indifferent to the community problems! 

Youth Centers or Clubs are a great way to implement community development projects and at the same time invest in youth empowerment!

Umbrella is promoting youth center and club concepts based on youth competence development approach under the program “Total Youth Work”

Usually, Club format is for the small village community or district while Center is more for municipality, town or at least administrative division. Involving as club/center is a perfect opportunity for informal initiate youth groups to contribute to the development of community and empowerment of young people.

How to join? - If you are a group of young people or individual interested in setting up youth clubs or center are welcome to apply and fill the form.

Eligibility – being young 16-30 years old, motivated and smart!

What we propose? – Development (personal and organizational) within the network, it means we offer you the program (Total Youth Work) of how to do youth work to increase the impact, annual activities, international activities, memberships and perks with it. Possibility to engage in decision-making within the Umbrella and dialogue with the government. And many many other benefits!

If you are interested to join our youth centers/clubs families you can apply here.

Questions? - contact us!

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