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შეუერთდი ჩვენს გუნდს!

Unlike volunteering opportunity, becoming a team member requires certain competencies and motivation it considers more responsibility and engagement.


Our team members are dedicated youth workers, trainers (non-formal education) civil activists and young enthusiasts who are willing to bring changes to the community they are in, via youth work activities at the same time developing their and peers competencies.


What it will give you? – being a team member opens you many prospects and horizons in your carrier. Additionally, you will get the following benefits:

  • develop your competencies by engaging in our projects

  • be mentored on how to write and manage local or international projects

  • have priority chances for international projects (E+ or EYF)

  • gain competence recognition badges and certificates

  • get a recommendation letter for your potential employer, in case of request

  • get internship certificate -  in case of coming on a specific task to get practised in certain work

Tasks/Duties Usually, we have the following positions and task in our daily work. The list is not exhaustive and we will spread separate calls for that end.

  • Managing the volunteering team - administrating, managing, corresponding

  • Social media - creating posts, campaigns, promoting organisations activities

  • International projects - international partner searching, writing project proposal EYF/E+, email corresponding etc

  • Local projects - fund rising, writing project proposal

  • Organizing activities - managing event

  • Contact person at partner networks - being in touch, corresponding and representing Umbrellas interests/position in the network

Profile – Ideally you have to be 18-35 and speak English (at least B2), also having experience in youth work, writing skills will help you much, but if you don’t and still are interested you can apply (only if you think being a member of the team will motivate you to gain above mentioned competencies faster). 

We need people that are interested in Environmental topics, Human Rights and Democracy.

Duration – it should be at least 3 or 6 months long with the possibility of staying as much time as you wish.

You can choose to join our team at our youth centres or Umbrellas executives directly.

How to apply? – if you meet the requirements fill the form, we will contact you!


Rewards – although becoming a team member is usually based on volunteering, it is possible to be paid within the projects that we run.


In addition, you are encouraged to propose us your idea or join with your project proposal, we are an open platform for any project managers with bright minds that are proactive, Umbrella offers space and infrastructure for such initiatives.

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