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Dont Burn The Leaves

First awareness-raising campaign against burning the leaves started in Georgia

The campaign Don’t Burn The Leaves started in October 2017, with the creation of explanatory animation video in Georgian and Russian languages.

The environmental and awareness rising campaign has been implemented in both online and offline dimenstions and it considers the following activities:


Social media campaigning - optimised video on our Youtube channel, sharing the link in Facebook and etc.

Targeted emailing the link to the relevant youth and environmental organisations.

Since that we have houndred of thousands views and shares.

In 2019 Public Broadcast TV (1TV) has made a special reportage on their New Day tv show on the very same topic.


Presentations at schools and youth centers - we hold presentations on the topic in various rural and urban community schools and youth organisations.

Street campaigns - With our volunteers and partner organisations we periodically implement campaigns for awareness rising via flyers and dialogue in the streets of towns or villages.

We always show the animation and open 5-10 min discussion at all our projects.

It should be noted that the campaign Don't Burn The Leaves is one of the main environmental programs that we run since 2017 and each year add different approaches to it.

Animation video has been financed by the Swedish Embassy in Georgia and supported by Orbeliani Georgia.

Watch and share the video:

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