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Project composting aiming at creating green culture in the remote & mountainous villages.

The project considered the following activities: first, the information raising activity against the burning the leaves has been carried out by creating and distributing the informational flyers in two languages (Armenian and Georgian) and second the installation of 10 composters (8 in the village Samshvilde and 2 in the neighbouring village Daghet). 

It should be mentioned that installation works related to composters have been done by the local youth voluntarily.

This is the first of its kind in the area of household waste recycling  and composting project implemented in Georgia on this scale. The meeting and discussion over the negative impact of burning the leaves have been held with the local, where the short animated video has been presented to the village households. 

It was also considered to create a series of instruction video blogs over the composting process of installed composters. 

The project was implemented in November 2018.

Watch the video blogs here

The initiative was financed by the Swedish Embassy in Georgia and with the support of the Orbeliani-Georgia platform. 

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