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Latest News

We regularly post here the news that we have in our organisation

A new project - Time to Grow!

September. 07, 2020

The project for Youth Centers - It is time to Grow - has kicked off!


Hybrid Seminar - Youth Participation by a Hectar & #GOEATHICAL

December. 6, 2020

We took part in Hybryd Seminar organised by MIJARC-Europe!


Regional Youth Forum

August. 12 , 2020

Our representative in Youth Council was presentated at Youth Forum


Setting Up Lagodekhi Youth Center

July. 26, 2020

Lagodekhi Youth Center kicked off and board members were elected.


We got a voice at Youth Council

July. 31, 2020

Asmati Bolkvadze has been selected to the Youth Council of Youth Agency as a member of Umbrella.

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