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A long term project of E+ on voluntary youth work recognition has been implemented

Umbrella took part in international long term youth project on the recognition of volunteer youth work, under the program of Erasmus + KA2  capacity building in the field of youth.

Within the scope of the project following activities were implemented:

  1. Armenia – Conference meeting (1-6 April, 2019)

  2. Sweden, Stockholm – Study Session (17-23 June, 2019)

  3. Spain, Mallorca – Training Course (19-25 Aug, 2019)

  4. Local action campaign (Nov 2019 - Feb, 2020)

  5. Belgium, Brussels – evaluation meeting, due to the pandemic situation evaluation meeting has been cancelled. (March 2020)

During previous stages (TC and Study visit) of the project participants from our organization developed online tool for recognition of competencies gained during the voluntary youth work. The tool was created on the platform and is open online badge system that consists of a set of 10 badges that are considered to be rewarded for the voluntary youth work done at organization Umbrella or other youth organization.

Find out more about the local action here.

The project is developed by the organisation Social and Youth Workers (Armenia) and its European partners and aims to increase recognition of voluntary youth work in society and among youth field employers, to acknowledge and validate youth volunteering.

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