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Youth Exchange in Murter Croatia

Umbrella at another Youth Exchange in Croatia

Youth exchange “Youth 4 C – Youth for Marine Environment”, took place in Murter, Croatia from 7th to 16th of September 2018.

It gathered 40 youngsters age 18 to 25 with their leaders coming from Croatia, Serbia️️, Portugal, Italy, Armenia, Georgia, Latvia️️, and Moldova to learn about the importance and protection of the marine environment.

Through non-formal education implemented in various workshops, participants practiced their presentational, organizational, animation skills that enriched their knowledge on environmental topics.

They learn a lot about different cultures and traditions practicing tolerance, respect, and acceptance. Participants of this youth exchange also have been invited to help the local community by cleaning action, creative decoration of the children playground with the warning message for sea protection, and by education of people trough Blue campaign “Let’s do it” that was one of the final results of the project.

The ️project has been designed and applied by our lovely partner organisation from Croatia - Udruga Argonauta. Activity has been financed by the Erasmus + program.

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